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Bob Henstridge

The League was formed in 1936 and currently comprises 30 teams divided into 5 Divisions. HAll League matches start 6.0p.m. on Tuesday evenings from mid May to the beginning of August with a break in July to accommodate the Hove Open Bowls Tournament.

This site contains details of the League's current Officers and member clubs, fixture and league tables for 2018, rules of both the league and Bill Hawkins Cup competitions and a schedule of Inter League Representative and friendly fixtures for 2018.


Date 16th September 2018

Bill Hawkins result: Southwick Park BC beat Shoreham BC, score 38 to 29 shots.

Date 14th August 2018

Division 4 Final results and Table published. Champions - Portslade BC

Date 20th July 2018

Final results and Tables of Divisions 1, 2 & 3 published.

Date 12th June 2018

Peacehaven BC deducted 3 points, failing to deliver 5th June score cards on time.

Date 31st May 2018

Preston BC B deducted 1 point for playing unregistered player (first offence) on 22nd May.                 Hove & Kingsway A deducted 3 points. Score cards for game played on 22nd May delivered on 30 May.

Date 2nd May 2018

Mackie BC have decided that they have insufficient players to be able to field a 'B' team. As a consequence their place in Division 3 has been taken by Hollingbury Park B team, the team that were Runners-up in Division 4 in 2017. In Division 4 the teams Hollingbury Park B were due to play, now have two additional byes.

Date 12th March 2018

The 2018 AGM will be hosted by Woodingdean B.C. on Monday 8th October, starting at 7pm.

Date 17th September 2017

The final of the Bill Hawkins Cup between Mackie BC and Woodingdean BC took place on Sunday 17th September at Hollingbury Park Bowls Club .

Mackie started well and after 6 ends the score was 22 - 7. After 12 ends it was 32 - 17. Woodingdean came back well and after 18 ends the score was 40 -33. Woodingdean couldn't quite manage it and the final score was 41 - 40. Well done to both teams. The 50 or so spectators enjoyed the match on a warm sunny afternoon.Dave Woosnam (Mackie BC Captain) thanked the HPBC members for their efforts on the day and what they did throughout the season.

Date 10th September 2017

The dates of the 2018 inter-league matches are as follows:

Tuesday 15th May versus Eastbourne League at Hampden Park BC at 2pm

Monday 2nd July versus Mid Sussex League at Hollingbury Park BC at 2pm

Wednesday 15th August versus Chichester League at Hollingbury Park BC at 2pm

Date 10th September 2017

The date for the AGM is Monday 9th October at 6:30 for 7pm. The venue is Hove & Kingsway BC. The necessary paper, Agenda, Proposals etc. will be sent out shortly.

Date 1st August 2017

The Management Committee  at an Appeal Hearing on Friday 28th July, concerning the  failure of Mackie B to play their match against Southwick Park A on Match 11 th July 2017, was a breach of Rule 9. The decision to deduct Mackie B 4 points and add 6 points to Southwick Park A was confirmed.

Date 25th July 2017

A number of Clubs have had points deducted from their overall total because of Rule infringements, as follows:

  1. Brighton 'B' (DIV 4) - Two points deducted, playing a player short in two games.
  2. Hangleton (DIV 4) - One point deducted, playing a player short in one game.
  3. Hove & Kingsway (DIV 1) - One point deducted, one name not legible.
  4. Lewes (DIV 3) - Three points deducted, fielding one unregistered player.
  5. Mackie 'B' (DIV 3) - One point deducted, playing a player short in one game.
  6. Preston 'A' (DIV 1) - Six points deducted, fielding two unregistered players.
  7. Saltdean (DIV 3) - Three points deducted, fielding one unregistered player.
  8. Southwick 'A' (DIV 1) - One point deducted, playing a player short in one game.
  9. Southwick 'B' (DIV 4) - Three points deducted, fielding an unregistered player plus three points  for  fielding a player short in three games.
  10. Southwick Park 'A' (DIV 3) - One point deducted, playing a player short in one game.
  11. Southwick Park 'B' - (DIV 4) - One point deducted, playing a player short in one game.
  12. Woodingdean 'A' (DIV 1) - Three points deducted, fielding one unregistered player.
  13. Vicarage (DIV 2) - One point deducted, playing a player short in one game.

Date 26th November 2016

In addition to St Anns Well Gardens having dropped out of the League, British Rail have also dropped out of the League. 

At a Meeting of the Brighton & Hove Clubs, under B&HCC, the remaining ten clubs confirmed that they will be continuing operating in 2017.