• 29 Apr 2021
  • Posted by jvhayhurst

10th September 2023

Bill Hawkins Final
Winners: Rottingdean BC
Runners Up: Hollingbury Park BC

15th August 2023

Congratulations to:
DIV ! Champions Hollingbury Park BC
DIV 2 Winners Portslade BC
DIV 3 Winners Vicarage BC
DIV 4 Winners Hove & Kingsway BC

The following Clubs were relegated:
From DIV 1 to DIV 2 Lancing BC
From DIV 2 to DIV 3 Saltdean BC
From DIV 3 to DIV 4 Preston B

28th July 2022
Congratulation to:
Division 3 winners Portslade BC, they will play in Division 2 in 2023
Division 2 winners Shoreham BC, they will play in Division 1 in 2023
Overall champions Hollingbury Park BC

Mackie BC are relegated from Division 1 to Division 2
Peacehaven BC are relegated from Division 2 to Division 3

17th May 2022 - Reference match Brighton vs Peacehaven; Peacehaven played an unregistered player, the rink on which the unregistered player played was declared void. This resulted in a) 2 points were deducted from Peacehaven and awarded to Brighton. The scores on the two valid rinks were such 2 points to Peacehaven, 2 points to Brighton. Overall Brighton won the match. The Score was Brighton 8 points, Peacehaven 2 points.

14th May 2022
Please note that Division 4 matches will not take place this year. Two Clubs have dropped out due to insufficient players, leaving just 2 clubs.

10th May 2022

Happy to report that Vicarage BC have recruited sufficient players to be able to field 12 bowlers on Tuesday evenings. The Fixture programme has be updated, back to the original, accordingly.

12th April 2022

Regret to inform you that Vicarage BC do not have enough bowlers to fulfil their fixtures this season. The remaining Clubs in Division 3 will have a free day when they were scheduled to play Vicarage. Preston A who were drawn to play Vicarage in the Bill Hawkins have been awarded a bye into the quarter finals.

5th April 2022

Southwick Park BC are seeking new members. They hope to be in a better position, after their Get Together Meeting on 8th April to let us know, if they can continue in the League. Watch this space.

12th March 2022

The Spring Meeting will take place on Monday 11th March at Hollingbury Park BC starting at 7pm. The draw for the Bill Hawkins Competition will be carried out. Score Cards will be available for collection. Please ensure a representative for your club attends, if your Delegate is unavailable.

8th March 2022

The annual match against Eastbourne League is on Monday 9th May at Hampden Park BC start time 2pm.

The annual match against Mid Sussex League is on Monday 18th July at Hollingbury Park BC starting at 2pm.

The Spring Meeting at which the draw for the Bill Hawkins Competition will be made will take place on Monday 14th March staring at 7pm at Hollingbury Park BC.

12th September 2021

The result of the Bill Hawkins final was a win for Hollingbury Park BC by 51 shots to Woodingdean BC shots 29. HPBC got off to a very fast start. After 5 ends the score was 20 - 1. Woodingdean made inroads into that definite, after 10 ends the score was 28 - 14.
Well done to Carl Blinco and his merry men. Commiserations to Simon Wilkinson's team.
Bob Hensridge, President of Brighton Hove and District Bowling League presented the trophies to the captains.

9th September 2021

The final of the Bill Hawkins Trophy will be between Hollingbury Park BC and Woodingdean BC, it will be played on Sunday 12th September 2021 at Southwick BC starting at 2pm.

The Division winners this year are:

Division 1 - Hollingbury Park A BC

Division 2 - Lancing BC

Division 3 - Rottingdean A BC

Division 4 - Saltdean BC

28th May 2021

The following Rules have been amended, as agreed at the Annual General Meeting on 27th May 2021. Rule 4 (BH&DL changed to BH&DBL. Rule 5D Management, Rule 15 Appeals, Bill Hawkins: Rule 2 Eligibility and Rule 5 Final. The changes have been highlighted in green.

4th May 2021

The following Clubs do not have sufficient players to enable them to continue in the League:
Hangleton BC
Southwick B team
Southwick Park B team
As a result Division 4 now has just 4 teams: Adastra BC, Hove & Kingsway BC, Lewes BC and Saltdean BC
Lancing BC have been awarded a Bye in the 1st round of the Bill Hawkins Competition, as a result of Hangleton BC leaving the League.

23rd June 2021

The following Rule applies to the Bill Hawkins Competition:
The Preliminary Round of the Bill Hawkins Competition must be played by 12th July, the first round by 2nd August.
At the last AGM on 27th May 2021, it was agreed that bowlers shall have played at least two league games to be eligible to play in the Bill Hawkins competition.
In order to be able to monitor this Rule the team manager shall a) notify the date and time of the game and b) submit a minimum of 10 names (2 reserves) to the Competition Secretary at least 7 days before the match is played. Failure to do so will be a reason for automatic disqualification.
Score Cards shall be posted the Competition Secretary to ensure legibility. Cards not received within 96 hours of the match being played will be disqualified.
This rule applies to all rounds, including the Final.
Please make sure your Captain / Manager has a copy of these Rules.

29th April 2021

Eastbourne League Match: The match at Hampden Park schedule for the 10th May has been postponed until 2022.